The House of Dancing Water, City of Dreams Resort and Casino, Macau, China.

The House of Dancing Water was the worlds largest water based theatrical show with a 50m wide  x 7m deep pool, huge submersible props including a 5,00kg  Pagode, Russian Swings, and the massive 26t submersible boat.


There are 11 gigantic lifts in the pool of which 8 rise to form a dry stage leaving the pool concealed beneath.


The Boat is self propelled and driven underwater by a team of divers from the 22 strong Aquatics Team.


There are two grids for Automation above the pool. The one for the main winch arrays is 54m above the pool and the  grid for 40 tracking winches  is 24m above the pool . Members  of the company make high level water entries on winches, acrobatic props , and free fall high dive from both levels.

22 members of the company enter on a giant Human Chandelier  from 28m above the pool after walking across catwalks to a large retractable platform in the central well .


I was the Production Head of Automation and Rigging for the theatre build and show installation then Technical Director for Creation and the first 6 months of operation. 


The automation system features winches and control from Stage Technologies and a Navigator lift control system from  FTSI now part of the global Tait Towers.