Millennium Dome Central Show

My role was  Head Aerial Technician for the Millennium Dome Central Show and I was responsible for all aerial performance, three shows a day with two companies of 160 aerialists, dancers and actors and a team of 44 aerial technicians.


The Central Show,  designed by my friend Mark Fisher and renowned Director and Choreographer Micha Bergese,  was the  beginning of many careers , marriages and enduring friendships.  The lessons learned and the disciplines and processes that were developed for this show helped define the methods for safe performer flying that still influence the industry we are all involved with today.

It was ground breaking in its ambition and its content and it was conceived on a scale never before attempted.


All the harnesses were custom made with materials manufactured specially for this performance,  and all the acrobatic equipment was made to order by some of the most highly specialised companies in the UK.


The Central Show was unique and an unforgettable lifetime experience for all involved.